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Events in Ireland

We've been taking care of people at events in Ireland for donkeys years now.

Our Versatility is Our Service

…we’ll come to you

…we’ll make your coffee to go

…we’ll do your milk curvaceous, slim, or even size zero

…we’ll do it decaf, no faff

…we’ll even do tea (be it Lyons or posh), superb organic Fairtrade hot chocolate with no-nonsense marshmallows

…we’ll tempt you with snacks, confectionery, cold drinks & goodies.

…we’ll do it indoors or outdoors

…we’ll do it at your festival, your sporting event, your fun day, your corporate event, your fair day, your store opening, your wedding.

hey, we’ll do it your way and we’ll do it brilliantly.

If you need The Brew Crew at any events in Ireland then get in touch, We'll be happy to help.

events in ireland


Corporate Events


We also cater for corporate events. With our fleet of catering vans and trailers we can take care of you and your clients regardless of the size of your corporate event. We have catered for everything from one hundred to fifty thousand and we always ensure excellent service and a superb product to boot.

If you're in need of refreshments at your corporate event why not contact us now to see what we can do for you.

“ We can provide for your staff appreciation day, product launch, customer open day, conference, corporate event, and promotional days”

“ We can do it indoors or outdoors, in your foyer, office, showroom, warehouse, just about anywhere you want”

“ Units can be branded with your logo, staff can wear your attire and a complete personal branding package is available”

corporate events


Mobile Coffee


Take superb barista style coffee, combine it with the versatility of different sized vans and trailers and what you get is mobile coffee, the Brew Crew way. Great coffee, great service and a friendly atmosphere.

We love coffee so much we bring it to you,whether you're on the top of a mountain or in the middle of a field we'll ensure you're well looked after with our mobile coffee service.

mobile coffee