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Our Staff are all passionate in the art of making your refreshment dreams come true. They’ll deliver service with a smile and make your drink to order, so check out our barista lista menu and make your choice.

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The Brew Crew Barista Lista Menu

Our freshly roasted coffee is a blend of premium quality, ethically sourced 100% Arabica beans from Timor, Costa Rica and India, ground to order on the day


Espresso – Short, sweet full - flavoured shot of extracted coffee, served in a 4oz cup.

Ristretto – A mini espresso - shorter, more intense   full-bodied extraction of coffee, served in a 4oz cup.  

Macchiato - Sumptuous dollop of foamed milk, nestling on top of an espresso.Served in a 4oz cup.

Americano – Espresso diluted with hot water. Cold or hot milk is optional. Served in a 12 oz cup.

Caffe Latte – Espresso blended with creamy steamed milk. Served in a 12oz cup.

Cappuccino – Espresso with a layer of shiny, creamy foamed milk nestling on top, topped up with steamed milk with an optional dusting of chocolate. Served in a12oz cup.

Caffe Mocha – Latte plus chocolate equals heaven in a cup.Served in a 12oz cup.

Decaff? – Sure no faff - Columbian decaffeinated.